While Huskies can bark, most almost never do. I started this channel with a clear vision. If news outlets won’t live by their right to free speech, then I'll do it. New tech enables us, the freaks living on the peripheries of the 21st century, to exercise our freedoms. This includes the relatively free speech we still have (who knows for how long) on TikTok. This includes the immense potential of cryptocurrencies for limiting the growing power that the state and global monopolies exercise over us. I’m a firm believer of action. Even just by communicating what is right, in a consistent manner, we can make a difference. All of this has sort of worked out for me and has sort of failed me, failed us.

The engaging, but to the point TikTok short format enables me to get what matters out in front of yall. I always provide enough proof so you guys may have this in your head at least as a countermeasure to the mainstream narratives. Possibly, as a starting point to build up your own theories, your own individual takes on what happens in the world and how interests and manipulated communications tend to resonate. Maybe, it’s only the spark of an idea, that things are complicated but there is an underlying logic, with potential solutions like crypto. A potential for action. In this sense, inspiration, the channel has come a long way. Many well liked posts and by now close to a hundred thousand followers.

You may have noticed my phrasing, that despite everything accomplished, the project has failed not just me but us. Because, the thing is, just by myself, I would not be able to bring you guys all the news and insights so consistently. By now it’s three of us involved with the Husky channel to varying degrees. lt would not be possible any other way. In addition, I did also mean the entire Husky community. If one can use that phrase anymore, without sounding like a certified sneaker prof type bloke. I did attempt setting up a Telegram channel to coordinate our efforts. Evolving the project to this level of organization, in a meaningful manner, turned out to be a rough ride. We are currently hitting ceilings in all directions, using up all of our dedicated resources.

We have so much we would love to add to what Husky has become. For this we do need your financial support, so that we can outgrow the size of a simpler “TikTok cooperative”. Shooting for the Moon, or even Mars. We would love to do longer form and deeper research, and have a serious community where members can actually collaborate, help each other. Expanding more on crypto lessons for the public, teaching finances and how the economy relates to reigning financial structures. There is a lot to get done. There is also a time to get out there and actually make a difference, not just to inspire. We the 3 Huskies, the 3 husketeers (sorry for the pun!!). We are first of all, thankful for all that we have reached. More importantly, we are ready to get crazier, bigger (more Huskies wanted!) and to get absolutely serious with the act of rebellion.

This shirt is my personal design, it is the sort of thing one makes for himself. So I am glad to give it up for sale, knowing that it's an item of value. More specifically, an item of hilarious comedic thought coming to life in the form of a t-shirt. Hope you guys, the few who have made it this far, will buy a few shirts in support of the project and in affirmation of my incredible comedic and artistic sensibilities.